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Lentil Underground Project Report Just Released

Heather Richardson, a graduating senior at Syracuse University majoring in Geography and minoring in Food Studies and Environment and Society, just produced this beautiful report summarizing the work of the Lentil Underground project over this past year.  Thanks Heather!  And thanks to all our hosts and collaborators for a wonderful 2015.  We appreciate all your […]

International Year of Pulses

Welcome 2016, declared by the United Nations the International Year of Pulses. Do your body and the planet a favor by taking the pulse pledge, to eat lentils, beans, or chickpeas at least once a week. If you’re seeking culinary inspiration, here’s a recipe to start with. And if you’re in Montana, don’t miss our […]

Berkeley Science Review gives thumbs up to Lentil Underground

Lentil Underground Book Review Alexis Shusterman Whenever Dave Oien needs some new recruits for his revolution, he puts out a classified ad: “Wanted: ten good farmers. Commitment to soil health. Focus on quality. Dedication to crop rotations.” Thirty-nine years ago, Oien returned to his father’s farmstead in Conrad, Montana to take up (and shake up) […]

Who’s Keeping Organic Food Honest?

New Ensia article from Liz Carlisle highlights Montana’s Farm Improvement Club Program: Who’s keeping organic food honest? An informal network among farmers may be more important than federal regulation in building trust in the organic industry — and it needs greater support. Illustration by Erin Dunn  Writer Liz Carlisle @lentilundergrnd Fellow, Berkeley Food Institute November […]

Z Magazine Review

Lentil Underground By Liz Carlisle August 26, 2015 Posted in: Review |  In this chemically dependent era of American agribusiness, typified by President Nixon’s Secretary of Agriculture, Earl Butz, who admonished farmers to “get big or get out,” a group of Montana farmers got microscopic and stayed put. The microscopic Rhizo- bium bacteria broke their […]

Liz Carlisle reports on food waste for Zipcar Magazine

Waste Not, Want Not: How to Reduce Food Waste (and Sustainably Feed the World) BY LIZ CARLISLE Imagine a strategy that could increase the world food supply by 50% while diminishing greenhouse gas emissions by 7% and saving $400 billion. Impossible? Actually, it’s surprisingly simple. We just need to learn how to reduce food waste. […]

Montana Pulse Crop Acreage is Up 1000%

How pulse crops are saving Montana grain farmers David Murray, dmurray@greatfallstribune.com 8:08 a.m. MDT August 27, 2015 (Photo: TRIBUNE PHOTO/RION SANDERS) A quiet transformation is taking place in grain fields across Montana. In less than 20-years pulse crops — peas, beans and lentils — have grown from an obscure specialty crop with limited market outlets […]